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Zhongshan Sun-Ligao Tools Industrial Co.,Ltd.

We Zhongshan Sun-Ligao Tools Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who is dedicated to product development, design, production and sales for power tools,garden tools and hardware accessories, the main products include tile saws,masonry saws, wood saws, router table, vibratory tumbler and hardware accessories.

We are one of the earliest manufacturers who use ERP system forinternal production, sales and warehouse management. Our operating philosophyis a Customer-oriented, Honor credibility,Mutual benefit andCommon development and we have been committed to providing customers withquality OEM and ODM services for 31 years.

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Tile CutterModel:632L

Professional bench top machine designing for cutting tiles with various angle from 0 to 45 degree. Water cooling system can protect the diamond blade while cutting,...

Tile CutterModel:632-K

machine protected by a suitable case for easy transportation and storage,plastic water tray for easy maintenance. quick locked fence device for setting the cutting le...

Tile CutterModel:632-DG/1

simply constructure for easily operation. light weight for transportation conveniently

Tile CutterModel:632-E(A)

Machine protected by a metal frame for easy transportation and storage.Plastic and movable water tray for easy maintenance.parallel guide system moving on the table f...

Tile CutterModel:ZE-LG2-1200S

powerful 1250w motor. water pump system for a clean cutting and cooling down th cutting. disc. big cutting capacity up to 860mm long. handle and wheel set as well...

Tile CutterModel:ZE-LG5-1200

Powerful 1800W motor.water pump system for a clean cutting and cooling down the cutting disc.Big cutting capacity up to 1200mm long.punching machine head allows a slo...

  • Tile Cutter / 632L
  • Tile Cutter / 632-K
  • Tile Cutter / 632-DG/1
  • Tile Cutter / 632-E(A)
  • Tile Cutter / ZE-LG2-1200S
  • Tile Cutter / ZE-LG5-1200

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  • 2017 "Ligao Cup" table tennis match

    A few days ago, the 2017 “Ligao Cup” table tennis competition was held at the Xiaolan Town Gymnasium. More than 300 athletes participated in the competition. The entire competition lasted for one month, all on Saturday and Sunday. There are 77 games in the competition. Mr. Hu Zehong, Cha...

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Zhongshan Sun-Ligao Tools Industrial Co.,Ltd.



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